Glass Restoration Services El Paso, TX

Glass Restoration Services El Paso, TX

Glass Restoration Services El Paso, TX

Our glass restoration and glass protection services for architectural windows always save a substantial amount of money when compared to glass replacement, and with less disruption to your tenants. Just about any stain or damage to the surface can be easily removed with our services. Call us for a free quote on our glass refinishing services. Our window glass restoration services in El Paso, TX are just a phone call away.

Commercial buildings receive window glass staining due to various environmental conditions. Learn about how and why architectural glass gets stained. Commercial glass restoration and glass scratch removal services are an art form that we have perfected over the years. We have the knowledge, the correct tools, staff and the proper equipment to perform a wide variety of repairs to exterior window glass surfaces.

We can effectively remove hard water stains, mineral staining, effectively remove stage 1 and 2 corrosion, light surface scratches, oxidation, erosion channels, mineral deposits, calcium stains, lime stains, efflorescence, soap scum, acidic graffiti, oils, everyday grime and buildup, etching, acid burns, acid rain and other flaws from architectural glass surfaces. Our commercial glass restoration services can be performed at the ground level, or we have the equipment and knowledge, to perform high-rise glass restoration and glass stain removal services.

After the restoration process, we suggest the installation of a silicone protective treatment to the glass in order to help protect the surface from future staining and corrosion.

Window Glass Stain & Spot Removal Services El Paso, TX

Many commercial buildings develop glass stains due to exposure to the elements, high amounts of tap water from sprinkler system over-spray, minerals leaching from adjacent precast surfaces and inferior products used to maintain a building. Removing mineral stains and etching from window glass in El Paso, TX is our specialty.

Architectural windows are subjected to severe conditions which may result in damage to the surface of the glass. This damage is unable to be removed with standard window cleaning procedures and requires glass restoration in order to remove the glass stains and spots. Etched windows have a cloudy appearance that makes the windows look dirty from both the interior and the exterior of the building despite having your windows cleaned on a regular basis.

Window Glass Stain & Spot Removal Services El Paso, TX
Glass Renovation Services El Paso, TX

Glass Renovation Services El Paso, TX

When looking for the glass renovation services El Paso, TX needs for clean windows, look no further. Our website contains a wide variety of photo references that show we have the glass renovation services El Paso, TX is looking for. We specialize in commercial glass renovation services El Paso, TX can afford in order to keep commercial tenants happy. Our clients often comment on the glass renovation services we offer and are proud to be one of the service companies that they call on for their needs. Over the years, we have serviced some of the most prominent buildings in El Paso, TX and have left their glass spotless with our glass renovation services.

After the damaging elements have corroded the surface of the glass, often referred to as "stage 2 corrosion" the glass should be resurfaced to effectively remove the damage. A word of caution. Inexperienced glass cleaning companies often damage the surface of the glass while attempting to restore the glass. It is important to restore a sample window in order to ensure that the desired glass restoration results are being achieved. One should examine the test area in direct sunlight from a variety of angles in order to ensure that the glass is not burned or scratched prior to having the windows restored on the entire building.

Glass Scratch Removal Services El Paso, TX

Commercial glass scratch removal saves a considerable amount of money when compared to glass replacement. Glass surfaces can be sanded and polished down to remove the damaged surface of the glass removing the scratch from the finish. If performed correctly you will never be able to tell the scratch was on the glass.

When scrapers are used to remove paint or caulking from glass windows, they often get scratched. Improper glass restoration products or improper use of glass restoration products can also inflict scratching to a glass surface creating a stainless steel look for glass. Scrapers used during the construction clean-up process can also scratch glass. In our experience, the majority of window scratches occur during the construction phase and are usually not noticed until later. We can even remove deep scratches that other contractors are unable to remove.

Glass scratch removal in El Paso, TX is a highly specialized service that requires qualified management and technicians, the proper products, and extensive experience. Improper products and techniques can result in severely scratched or burned, and noticeably damaged glass. Industry-standard techniques often use harsh, abrasive products in an attempt to remove stains from the highly polished glass surface. This causes severe scratches in the glass. Other industry-standard techniques involve the use of harsh acids that can leave burns in the glass and surrounding architectural materials creating a hazed look. Our technique completely removes stains from the glass without leaving any scratches or burns and produces a highly reflective finish. If you need glass scratch removal services in El Paso, TX, just give us a call.

We have effectively completed glass scratch removal services for contractors and glaziers consisting of thousands of windows per job on high-rise buildings. Our glass scratch removal services were appreciated by the contractor because we were able to remove the scratches for a fraction of the cost of replacement, and we were able to complete the project faster than if the contractor were to replace the glass.

Glass Scratch Removal Services El Paso, TX
Hard Water Stain Removal Services El Paso, TX

Hard Water Stain Removal Services El Paso, TX

Hard water stains are formed when high mineral content water comes in contact with the glass surfaces. When the water evaporates it leaves behind all the hard minerals within the water and creates difficult to remove hard water stains on the glass surface. This can be caused by sprinkler systems, water erosion from adjacent stone surfaces such as precast and dust that blows through the air. The hard water stain is the most difficult stain to remove especially when the mineral source contains silica. The silica bonds to the surface of the glass easily since most architectural glass is comprised of about 70% silica. This stain is the most difficult to remove because the pure silica in the stain is much harder than the glass surface on which the hard water stain resides on. Removing the hard water stain without completely refinishing the glass with a product such as the Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish is near impossible. If you need hard water stain removal services in El Paso, TX just give us a call.

We have performed hard water stain removal services for some of the most prestigious buildings in the area. We started performing hard water stain removal service almost 20 years ago, and have since perfected the art. Our experience allows us to provide hard water stain removal services for the right price, and deliver the expected results on time.

Glass Stain & Scratch Protection Services El Paso, TX

We use high-performance glass protective treatments and or glass protection that can be applied to architectural window glass surfaces that will help to prevent the further development of glass stains as well as glass scratching. One such product called Glass Defender MD will install a rubberized, silicone protective coating, that will last on the surface of the glass for many years to come - helping to prevent stains and scratches. When stains such as minerals come in contact with the glass surface they will reside on the protective coating instead of easily adhering to the microscopic cracks and crevices of the glass surface. As well, this rubberized coating will resist scratching much better than unprotected glass because the surface at a microscopic level is flexible. We always recommend applying a glass stain and scratch protective treatment to newly restored glass, especially in El Paso, TX.

In 2002 glass restoration was performed on a property that was stained by sprinkler systems. As part of the procedure, a glass protective treatment was applied to the glass in order to prevent the stains from redeveloping. The property owners elected not to maintain the building, and the stains redeveloped. However, in 2006 when a new owner of the building called us to propose a solution to the problem at the building, we were able to easily remove the stains from the areas that were previously restored and treated. The picture to the right shows where the stains could be easily removed with a towel. Our glass protection process protects the glass from intense damage and yields easy cleaning for the future.

For more information, we have included "Is Your Building Green" (PDF), a cost analysis from an actual building, demonstrating the savings possible when comparing new technologies with technologies typically used to maintain commercial properties.

Glass Stain & Scratch Protection Services El Paso, TX
Architectural Window Glass Polishing & Refinishing Services El Paso, TX

Architectural Window Glass Polishing & Refinishing Services El Paso, TX

Glass polishing or glass refinishing is the process of installing a new surface on the glass removing all scratches stains or burns. Architectural glass can be polished by the use of products such as the Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish to remove the top layer of scratched or stained glass and reveal a new highly polished surface on the architectural window glass.

Trust your architectural window glass surfaces to a professional company that is experienced not only restoring glass surfaces to new but keeping them that way. We understand that image is everything.

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Glass Restoration Services El Paso, TX